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About Me


So, YES there is a real person behind the pictures!  ​This is a short little snippet to let you know who I am, what I love and how I work.  First, this is a second career for me.  That's important to know.  I have a Ph.D. and work as a school psychologist.  I thought that would always be my primary passion.  Then, as I traveled to different states and took cell phone pics (which I still think are some of the best I've taken) a sweet friend who was a photographer said, "You're good, buy a real camera."  I said, "Thanks" and kept taking cell phone pictures.  She then bought and sent me a real camera and (more loudly) said, "GO DO THIS!" So I did.  And here I am, loving my photography as much as I love working with kids in schools.  I think the joy of photography is in how happy it makes my heart when clients (who often become friends) love their pictures.  I adore capturing who people really are and letting them see the beauty in themselves and their loved ones.  I have a theory about the world.  You can get wrapped up in the doom and gloom and lose sight that most people are kind and interesting!  It seems we are inundated with negativity and I  got to a point where I just was over it.   A number of years ago I made a conscious decision to live in my happy bubble.  No watching the news, no reading the paper, and no TV (except Downton Abby and Britbox... we all have a weakness).  It's an awesome bubble that includes my handsome and fabulous husband, wonderful and supportive parents, three rather crazy dogs (Ruger, Buddy and Sammy Fay), two beautiful snakes (yes, that said "snakes"- Clarice and Patty Snake) and a resilient fish named LaLa  We are a happy little bunch :)  I talk about this because when I do photo sessions I have FUN, am a little eccentric, and like to think outside the box. I find beauty and goodness in 99% of the people I meet (there is just not enough medication available to find 100% of the people out there to be great- I'm happy, not delusional).   That being said, if you like to have very serious, strongly posed pictures and not have fun..... I'm not your girl.  If you want to smile, laugh, and have a joyful time, well, you and I will be an excellent team.  I capture "life", real smiles and relationships.  If I had to choose just three words to describe my style they would be, genuine, relaxed and beautiful.  Because, come on, who DOESN'T want to feel those things all the time???  So that's me in a page or less.  I hope that you enjoy looking through my work even if I'm not your cup of tea.  That's cool too.  Photography is art, and we can appreciate the work without wanting to hang it up in our home.  If you DO like what you see I'd love to chat with you and hopefully help you capture your life, loves and passions!  Wedding, family, newborn or any special events!



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